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Since 1986, we have been helping companies and businesses protect their work force, the environment and the public while meeting regulatory guidelines.

Our expert staff is comprised of individuals trained at the graduate level in safety, health, environmental protection and engineering, with over 110 years combined experience.

With academic degrees in public health, industrial hygiene, chemistry, safety, health sciences, environmental science, audiology, engineering and health care, our staff members offer a wide range of expertise in occupational safety and environmental management.

What makes Occupational & Environmental Health Consultants, Inc. unique?

First, the quality of our people. We strive to attract and retain the finest talent in the business, drawing qualified professional individuals from backgrounds in safety & health, industrial hygiene, environmental protection, business management, and engineering, consulting, and training, too marketing, sales, and customer service.

Second, the scope of our services. OEHC now has the capability to provide "holistic" services related to protecting the workforce, the public, and the environment, while at the same time limiting liabilities, reducing cost, and meeting regulatory compliance requirements.

Third, the "holistic" approach or the ability to provide our clients with a "one-stop-shop". Through our network of affiliates we are able to provide our clients with products such as software and equipment necessary to protect the health of the workforce, the public, and the environment.

Fourth, placing our clients first. We listen very carefully to what our clients need. The corporate mission is based on maintaining integrity, honesty, and loyalty to our clients. OEHC philosophy is to be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem.

Fifth, exclusive research and program development. We conduct ongoing research and monitor activities related to safety, health, environmental protection, and engineering issues to assist clients in maintaining accurate information. These topics include regulatory compliance, workers compensation, BLS statistics, and demographics.

What can a client expect from OEHC?

Clients can expect our staff to respond to their needs, to be flexible, creative, and to work for functional solutions. They can expect integrity, honesty, professionalism, and confidentiality.

Where can OEHC add the most value to a client?

OEHC services are designed to holistically approach the protection of the workforce, the environment, and the public through consulting, training, and program development. We anticipate the potential, and go beyond the obvious to exceed the client’s expectations.

How will OEHC utilize the World Wide Web and technologies in the future?

OEHC has already developed several unique methods to deliver our services to our clients. Some of which include software, and this web site which is designed to provide clients with the vehicle to research, learn, and review regulatory agency activities.

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