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Vision, Passion, Faith, Tenacity, Perseverance, and Sacrifice.  These things are part of a time-tested formula for success that’s difficult to tech and painful to learn.

When the world sees a thriving business, the usual assumption is that the owner came up with a new angle or gimmick.  To the casual observer, “he was lucky.”  Little is said or remembered about the person’s failures, or struggles; he was simply lucky.

At out firm, the most difficult clients we serve are those who believe there’s an angle or gimmick we can provide that will enable them to protect the health of their workforce and meet regulatory guidelines.  When we ask these clients to tell us what makes their safety, health, or environmental programs effective in protecting the health of their workforce, reducing liabilities, or meeting regulatory guidelines, their standard reply is “nothing – that’s what we pay you for.”

The only real power we have as a professional service firm is the ability to assist the client in identifying, developing, training and implementing programs effectively.  The assumption, of course, is that each client has the ability to effectively integrate programs.  To assist companies in creating a meaningful and effective program, we must have the client’s cooperation in assisting us to define their unique culture.  Too often, though, the client simply says, “Just develop the program or conduct the training.  If you write’em and train’em, we can integrate them.  What we need is just documentation and a program that looks good for the regulatory agencies.”

Gee, what a great idea.  Why didn’t we think of that? 

Just as good advertising would not never be enough to save a restaurant known for lousy food, yet the chef would undoubtedly tell us, “ Your job is too write the recipes.  If we have good recipes, our customers will like the food” 

If you see things occurring in your facility and/or are not absolutely sure that real integration has taken place, what you need is an internal revolution and the programs that result from it.

You see things; and you say Why?

But we dream things that never were;

and we say why not?

-George Bernard Shaw