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The Corporate Services Group (CSG), a division of OEHC, is designed to assist Corporate safety, health, environmental, & engineering directors with protecting the health of their workforce, reducing liabilities, and meeting regulatory compliance issues.

Different from the Operation Services Group (OSG), which works directly for the field facilities, the CSG works directly with the Corporate Manager ensuring that corporate objectives, philosophies, systems, and continuity are maintained throughout all facilities. Also, the CSG works with the Corporate Manager on issues that may be of vital importance, high priority, unique to the Corporation, sensitive to Corporation, and/or require a systematic approach that may require the outsourcing of projects on a massive basis.

The Corporate Services Group Associates consist of only Ph.Dís and Master degreed individuals with several certifications & registrations, and more importantly, with no less than 10 years experience in their particular field. The Associates have trained, consulted, advised, developed, and presented issues on safety, health, industrial hygiene, environmental, and engineering, related to the health of the workforce, the public, and the environment for over 1000 industries and businesses to include Dupont, Caterpiller, Coors, Pilsbury, Cargill, and Coastal Unilube, to mention a few.

The CSG is designed to provide services from a "holistic" perspective, such as training management systems, standardization of processes, programs, and systems, priority assessment programs, and health care management related to worker protection.

The following information will better outline the services offered by the Corporate Services Group.

Partial List of Corporate Services:

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