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"The Safety Challenge of the Millennium"

Ergonomic disorders continue to pose the most challenging workers’ compensation issue for the Human Resources and Safety Manager. During the past few years many have or have had the illusion that just because the U.S. Congress rescinded the standard promulgated by the Clinton administration, with its many flaws, that the problem would just disappear. Some companies who were making progress with the development of an ergonomic program at the time totally set their activities aside. Still yet, ergonomic disorders continue to occur. Now, coupled with the ever-rising cost of insurance and the continuing occurrence of ergonomic related disorders the need to take action is even more significant. Significant, to the extent that the OSHA announced this past year new initiatives to enforce guidelines for ergonomic prevention programs with the statement that they expect companies to immediately initiate programs to prevent ergonomic disorders with enforcement under the General Duty Clause of the OSHAct (National News Release USDL 02-201).
The challenge relates to the changing demographics of the workforce including age and sex. With the “becoming of age” of the post WWII Baby Boomers, the average age of the general population is over 40 years old. The results of the 2000 census indicate that in 2002 over 50% of the American workforce is over 40. Behind this group, born after 1964, are the Echo Boomers, the oldest of which is 39 years old. In reviewing the data for 2001, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2001, of the 522,528 total ergonomic cases 62% occurred in workers over 35.
Standard or not, now is the time to approach this major safety program issue.
I have personally assisted the attorneys of two employers with workers’ compensation court cases in the past month.

Ronald J Lott PA, MSed, MPH, Ph.D.
Certified Professional Ergonomists


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Since 1986, we have been helping companies and businesses protect their work force, the environment and the public while meeting regulatory guidelines in more than 40 states and in three other countries.

Our expert staff is comprised of individuals trained at the graduate level in safety, health, environmental protection, occupational health, insurance  and engineering, with over 110 years combined experience.

With academic degrees in public health, industrial hygiene, chemistry, safety, health sciences, environmental science, audiology, engineering, insurance and health care, our staff members offer a wide range of expertise in occupational safety and environmental management.


Online Compliance Training

Dr. Lott has completed training and successfully passed the examination for the designation as a CET. The Certified Environmental, Safety & Health Trainer (CET) program is an international voluntary credentialing system which sets the standard of professionalism for environmental, health and safety trainers. EH&S trainers are instructors, managers or consultants who provide vocational and regulatory instruction, technical assistance, or employee
training in environmental and occupational safety and health control, compliance and regulatory issues.

The CET program involves rigorous testing, as well as extensive experience and delivery of training requirements. It is the only professional certification for EH&S trainers which measures and evaluates instructional knowledge and confirms technical expertise. CETs are affiliated with colleges and
universities, training centers, consulting firms, industries, governmental agencies, and other environmental organizations.

Expert Witness Services Credentialed
Industrial Health Ph.D. - Occupational Health & Safety
Industrial Safety MPH - Occupational Health & Industrial Hygiene
Industrial & Office MSed - Education - specialized Health Education
Ergonomics PA - Physician Assistant
Worker Injury/Illness BS - Health Sciences
AS - Allied Health Sciences
LPN - Practical Nurse
Industrial Hygienist
Safety Engineer
Certified Professional Ergonomists
Certified Environmental, Health Safety Trainer
Certified Hazardous Material Manager
Registered Environmental Manager
Certified Environmental Quality Administrator
Certified Occupational Hearing Conservationist
Certified Physician Assistant - 1977
Registered Environmental Professional
Certified Infrastructure Emergency Management Specialist
Authorized OSHA General Industry Outreach Trainer
Authorized OSHA Construction Industry
Outreach Trainer


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